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Car Rental Services Could Be Set For A Post-coronavirus boom

Industry players anticipating increased demand as commuters turn away from public transport.



NAIROBI 30, July,2021.

Kenya’s Leading motor vehicle distributor, Toyota Kenya and Pride Drive, a local corporate car hire company have cemented their long partnership by handing over HINO Kenya Buses to cater to the increasing demand of Car hire services after the Government’s directives on the reduced capacity of public transport in line with COVID-19 protocols.

Pride Drive is an independent car rental Company dedicated to the provision of safe, clean, reliable and environmentally friendly transportation for their clientele in line with the high standards. Constantly working towards meeting the needs of their clients, they strive for an enabling environment where a motivated staff provides the best service. They are committed to their Clients, their Staff, the Transportation Industry, the Environment and the Community in which they work.

All modes of transport were affected due to limited operability during this time; however, car rental services could be set for a post-coronavirus boom, with industry players anticipating increased demand as commuters turn away from public transport.

“The response by government over prevention of the COVID-19 pandemic by enacting domestic measures such as social distancing has impacted on our business, as such we have seen more than 35 percent increase in staff transportation interests by major Kenyan corporates especially the buses and vans,” said Hasnain Noorani, Pride Drive Managing Director.

Left-Mr.Omar Osogo GM-for HINO hands over 18 HiNo busses to Mr. HasnainNoorani CEO for Pride Drive scaled.

“The Interest in corporate transport h as risen sharply as co rporates have been looking for alternatives for their staff following the increased reorganized working schedules and fear of the coronavirus spread,” said Mr. Noorani.


While making his remarks, HINO General Manager, Mr. Omar Osogo reiterated that the motor vehicle dealer would continue looking for more avenues to be logistics enablers to corporate clients across the country at a time many industries are facing COVID-19 related challenges.

“One thing that we have all learnt from the pandemic is that consumption of locally manufactured products is a sure way of supporting corresponding sectors and generally grow a country’s economy. With Pride Drive adding on to their fleet of Hino buses, we are in a position to support other industries such as the local content category,” Said Mr. Omar

Mr. Omar added that in addition to the 18 HINO buses, the partnership between Toyota Kenya and Pride Drive will see the corporate car hire company acquire 100 buses by 2025.


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Kenya’s Export Promotion and Branding Agency Flags Off Goods to Dubai EXPO

United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the main market for Kenya in the greater Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) market that is comprised of Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.




Kenya Export Promotion and Branding Agency(KEPROBA) yesterday flagged off goods worth Kenya shillings 63 Million to Dubai in readiness for the upcoming World Expo that kicks off in October.

It is a journey that began in October 2019, when the Agency invited SMEs to express interest to participate in the Expo 2020 Dubai under a Programme called “The World Market Initiative Programme”.

Speaking during the flagging off, KEPROBA Chief Executive Officer Dr Wifred Marube said: “This is simply a Retail Commercial Kiosk at the Expo focused on Promoting Ethical Consumerism for the Expo Visitors to Purchase Unique Products, that are Cultural, High Quality and Ethically Produced.”

He noted the expo aims to promote products that are produced in ways that are not harmful to the environment or society, so at to ensure that producers are paid fairly and provided with suitable and safe working conditions.

“The Exhibits we are flagging off today for showcasing at the Expo 2020 Dubai have gone through a very rigorous vetting exercise to ensure they conform to the requirements and guidelines set by the Expo Organizers,” Dr Marube opined during the flag off ceremony held at the Agency offices.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the main market for Kenya in the greater Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) market that is comprised of Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. Also worth noting is the fact that Kenya and United Arab Emirates have a signed a double-taxation avoidance agreement that exempts taxation for national carriers from UAE.

With the proximity to United Arab Emirates and a travel time of approximately 5 hours, Kenyan and UAE business people can use carriers such as Kenya Airways, Emirate Airlines and Etihad Airways all which operate between both countries hence creating a conducive environment for business, technological development and innovation, cultural exchange, tourism and trade, while also acting as a gateway to Kenyan products to the larger Middle East and Asian Market.

Kenyan Exhibitors still have a chance to showcase their products in the additional spaces secured for them and are encouraged to log-on to. to register to participate.

The Agency will also maximize on the Expo 2020 to link Kenyan exporters to other market regions such as the European Market, American and South American Markets.

Kenya Export Promotion and Branding Agency flagged off goods worth Kshs. 62,891,433.00 to Dubai as part of preparations for World Expo Dubai 2020 which kicks off in less than 100 days.

This is through the World Market Initiative (WMI), a retail opportunity provided by Expo organizers to participating countries that will enable exhibitors sell their unique and authentic products to Expo visitors during the 6-months period of the Expo.

“It is an initiative giving our visitors an opportunity to experience and purchase the best of Kenya from our Kenya country kiosk during the Expo. It is an opportunity to literally share the warmth of Kenya with the world,” said the Agency’s CEO Dr. Wilfred Marube.

The categories of goods being flagged off include coffee, tea, textiles, furniture, leather footballs, beauty products, coconut products, soap, sanitizers and assorted handicrafts. This exercise is being conducted by the Agency through a logistics firm named Africa Freight Systems Limited that will ensure the country kiosk is well stocked way before kickoff of the Expo that will run from 1st October 2021 to 31st March 2022.


Is Kenya Ready?

The export promotion and branding agency have already booked exhibition spaces, presented the overall program to Expo organizers, held various exhibitor briefings all in readiness for the Expo.

“The Road to Dubai is already on,” Dr. Marube added.

Also in place is a multi-Agency Committee in preparation for the Expo. The Committee has membership drawn from both public and private institutions including State Department for Trade, KEPROBA, representatives from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kenya Investment Authority, Kenya Tourism Board, Kenya Private Sector Alliance, Kenya Association of Manufacturers, Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, FPEAK, Fresh Produce Consortium, Kenya Flower Council, as well as Tea Board of Kenya.

Recently, Kenya shared a line-up of activities during the International Participants Meeting (IPM) that took place at Dubai Trade Centre from 4th to 6th May 2021 where over 370 delegates representing 173 countries attended.

The presentation which was made by Dr. Marube, who is also the country’s Commissioner General at the Expo highlighted Kenya’s planned activities for the entire 6 months and also dwelled on the planned activities during the KENYA WEEK Activities at the Expo which will run from 14th February 2022 to 18th February 2022.

Kenya Week activities which will be the climax of Kenya’s participation at the Expo include Valentines Day on ground activations with the theme “ From Kenya with Love” where Kenya plans to distribute 1 Million stems of roses and summer flowers to Expo participants; Kenya’s Counties and Economic Regional Blocs Day that will focus on investment opportunities available; Kenya National Day of Honour that will focus on cultural aspects as well as a business forum; Kenya GCC High-Level Trade, Investment and Tourism Forum; Kenya Cultural Day that will showcase Kenya’s cultural aspects.

Additionally, 18 Kenyan startups companies have signed up for the ‘Scale to Dubai’ Initiative, a global entrepreneurship programme which offers start-ups and small businesses, with a proven track record in their countries, an opportunity to scale to Dubai. Kenya’s participation was confirmed in May 2018and the Country’s theme is Feel the Energy. The World Expo Dubai 2020 theme is Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.

Participants will have an opportunity of having 2 years’ free works space, 2 years’ free visa and Business set up.

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mCarFix: A Motor Vehicle Repair App By Kenyan Innovators Trial Phase Launched



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Policy and Law

Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to Raise Funds for A National Resource Center for Human Rights Activities.

Twenty Human Rights Activists are gearing up to summit Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds for establishing a National Resource Center for activists in Kenya.



Photo: By Herbert Aust on Pixabay

Twenty Human Rights Activists are gearing up to summit Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds for establishing a National Resource Center for activists in Kenya.

The group plans to depart Nairobi on 13 February a cross the border and take the scenic Marangu route. On their way up to the Uhuru Point (summit), they will make stops on Horombo and Kibo water points. The expedition will take a total of 8 days, with the team expected to jet back into te country on the 20th of February 2021.

Organized by Defenders Coalition, the national human rights defenders’ umbrella body targets to raise Ksh.50 million Kenya Shillings through the campaign dubbed Climb for Justice. With contributions from Kenyans, the lobby has raised Ksh. 6.9 million. The Defenders Coalition has risen to the occasion from time-to-time offering legal support, relocation and enhancing the skill sets of human rights defenders to counter the risks. This has a huge financial implication, which sometimes the institution is unable to meet.

Since the launch of the campaign in August 2019, over 900 Kenyans and friends of Kenya have taken part in the different hiking activities. A lot of support has been realized, including ordinary Kenyans taking part in different hiking destinations. Among the hikes accomplished are; Mount Longonot William Hill, Elephant Hill, Eburru Forest, Kudu Hills, Ngong Hills, and Kijabe Hills.

In as much as climbing Mount Kilimanjaro will be a new refreshing phenomenon, it is not the first time the campaign will be taking this extreme length to sensitize members of the public on human rights and social justice.

In December 2019, Thirty human rights defenders and members of the public climbed Mount Kenya reaching up to the summit of Lenana Point on Jamhuri Day. On the same day, Kenya received her independence, 58 years ago, from the colonial masters Great Britain.

The Climb for Justice Campaign offers an equal opportunity for all Kenyans to be part of cementing human rights into the country’s national culture.

It equally gives Kenyans a chance to promote local tourism while addressing issues on wellness as the campaign incorporates physical activities such as hiking in Kenya’s parks.

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